Indoor Pool

The indoor pool is open year round excluding a few select holidays and when under regular maintenance.  A lifeguard is on duty at all times.  The pool hours are 7:00am-7:00pm excluding 11:30am-12:00pm when the lifeguard is on lunch break.  For children below the age of 17, family time pool hours are 1:00pm-4:00pm daily.

Club Room

The club room is the center of most community activities, association meetings, and club activities.  The club room has a kitchen and a library.  The club room, may also be reserved for private events.

Fitness Room and Yoga Room

Residents and their guests 18 years or older may use the fitness room.

The Yoga Room may be reserved through TownSq and is available for all residents when not reserved.  

An adult must be present when any guests aged 13-17 years use the exercise room or yoga room. Guests younger than 13 years may not use these facilities. 

All equipment must be wiped down after use. 


Before doing anything with the grill turn the timer knob on. This controls gas to the grill. If it is not turned then you will not have gas. 

The red button below the gas timer is an emergency shut off.  You do not need to push this button after using the grill.

The rotisserie uses an infrared element on the rear. We don’t have the infrared burner on the base. The rotisserie may be found under the kitchen island in the club room.

Reservations for the Grills may be made on TownSq ().

Fire Table

To use the fire table, you must first obtain the key from the lifeguard to turn on the gas (therefore, you must retrieve it during pool hours). As we will typically use the fire pit at night you would have to return the key to the lifeguard the following morning. 

The Fire Pit controls are low on the wall next to the pool. Upon turning the key, the button will pop out so the gas will be on. Turn the timer and the Fire Pit will light after about 30 seconds. The timer lasts for only 30 minutes so if you want it to continue running you will need to turn the timer every 25 minutes.

When you finish using the Fire Pit, please push the button back in. The fire pit needs to cool down before putting the cover back on. Cooling usually takes about 2 hours. It is important to cover the fire pit as rain will rust the components. It is the responsibility of the user to put the cover back on.